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Aaya Hoon (आया हूँ )

F2F Music - Aaya Hoon | Ray William ft. Shema, Prakruthi & Prem Anand | HINDI WORSHIP SONG 2020

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Ray William, Shema Kalimel, Shivani Prakash, Sabi Thankachan

     Am         G
Meri aankhen tu khol
              F      Am
Ki tujhko mai dekhun
            G          F     Am
Maangun mai woh, jo tu chahe
Mere dil ki khwaaish
             F       Am
Hai teri khubsoorati
         G           F
Meri nazare lagi tujhpe hi

        C        F
Kya mai ab aa jaaun
      G          C
Pyaar ki geherai mein

       F      G
Jahaan tu aur mai
     C         G
Hain aamne saamne
  F          C
Inkaar kaise mai
      G           F
Karun tere baahon ka
 F        G
Abba ki mahima
       F    G       C
Jo hai tere chehere mein

      C        F
Yeshu mai banu aankhen teri
Am       G    C
Mai banu tere kaan
Em       F
Mai banu dil tera
Am       G
Mai banu teri aawaaz

Aaya hoon mai yahaan
Pyaar ki geherai mein

Jahaan tu aur mai...
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