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Ji Utha Mrityu Se (जी उठा मृत्यु से)
Ji Utha Mrityu Se l जी उठा मृत्यु से l Filadelfia Music l Hindi Christian Song l Easter Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Sarah Navaroji, Filadelfia Music

Ji utha mrityu se, hallelujah
D                 A
  Jai paayi yishu ne
Mrityu se jai paakar   munji yishu
E                  A
  Mera pyaara ho gaya 
Ji utha mrityu se

Dekho kabr khul gayi
    F#m                 E
Aur darr gaye pahredaar bhi
A              D          E
Saamrthi yishu mrityunjay hua
     D         E       A
Hallelujah hum geet gaaye 

Ji utha mrityu se...

He mrityu kaha tera dank
Kaha teri jai adholok
Mrityu, shatru, rog par jai paai yishu ne
Aao hum sab stuti gaae

Ji utha mrityu se...

Jeevit prabhu ko tum 
Kyu dhundte ho mare huo me
Vah toh pahle hi jeevit hokar 
Mere man me adhipati hai

Door kiya andhkaar ko 
Emmaus ke chelo se
Mujh ko bhi usne anand se bhar diya
Hallelujah aparampaar

Ji utha mrityu se...
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