Yahova Daivamaam Vishudha Jaathi Naam

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C                F        C
Yahova daivamaam vishudha jaathi naam
            G          C
Avanavakaasamaam jenam naam
C                    G        Am
Paradesikal naam bhaagya saalikal
    G      F        C
Ithupoloru jaathiyundo

Yahova daivamaam vishudha...

C                     G          Am
Apaptthil naammude divya sankethavum
    G         F          C
Belavum daiva-moruvanathre
C                 F     C
Aakayaal paaridam aakeyilakilum
             G        C
Naamini bhayappedukayilla

Yahova daivamaam vishudha...

Avanee-thalatthil apamaanam namu-
Avanaay kashtatha elkkukil thejassil
Anantha yugam vanidum naam

Yahova daivamaam vishudha...

Nira nira nirayaay aninira-nneeduvin
Kurisin padayaalikale
Jya-jya-jaya kaahalam ootheeduvin
Jeyaveeranaam yesuvine
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