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Mera Tu Hi Sahara Hai (मेरा तू ही सहारा है)

Mera tu hi Sahara hai - Prince E. Robinson (Official Music Video)

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Prince E Robinson

     E                A     B      E
Agar tu na sikhae toh kon sikhae yeshu
                      A      B     E
Agar tu na chalae toh kon chalae yeshu 

E        A            B
Mera toh tu hi sahara hai
           F#m     B       E
Haathon ko tune hi thhaama hai 

E  A  B  E
Ho ho ho hohoho hohoho
E  A  B  E
Ho ho ho hohoho hohoho

Agar tu na uthae toh kon uthae yeshu
Agar tu na khilae toh kon khilae yeshu

Yahova mera rakshak hai
Mujhko na chhode
A                 E
Sath mein rehta sada
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