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Yahowa mera Parmeshwar (यहोवा मेरा परमेश्वर)

Yahowa Mera Parmeshwar (New Hindi Christian Song) | Persis John

Songwriter/Translator/Composer M S Marshal, Renjith Christy
To play in Am scale, put capo on 1st fret.

Bbm         Db
Yahowa mera Parmeshwar
        Ab    Bbm
Teri ho Aradhana
Pavitra aur Mahimavaan Tu
        Ab    Bbm
Teri ho Aradhana
             Gb           Bbm
Sarvasrishti ka Karta hai Tu
         Ab          Gb
Sab kuch ko nikharta Tu

Ab    Bbm

Ebm   Db
        Ab    Bbm
Teri ho Aradhana

Naa unghney waaley Teri aradhana
Naa soney waaley Teri aradhana
Ebm             Db
Shantidaayak Prabhu


Achaa Charwaha, Yahova Tu
Tere samaan naa aur koi
Sambhaalne waaley Prabhu


El-Shaddai, Teri aradhana
Yahowa Nissi, Teri aradhana
Israel ke Raja ki

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