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Khuda Ke Raaste (खुदा के रास्ते)

Last updated on May 19th, 2022 at 09:59 pm

KHUDA KE RAASTE | खुदा के रास्ते | New Hindi Christian Song 2020

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Jiji M John

B                    A          B
Ae khuda ye raasta mera nahi, mera nahi
Har ghadi he chal rahi
    A            B
Dil me mere kuch ankahi

B                 A
Apne he raste may tu to kho gaya
E                 B
Laut ke aaja ab yahan
Paon zameen par aur khula aasma
E                B
Pyaas nahi hai yahan
          A           B
Aage chal ke, kahi rukna hai
        A        B
Rasta tera ye apana hai

Khuda ke raaste chal
Khuda ke vaaste chal
khuda ke raaste

B                     A            B
Ye bhanwar rukti nahi ye sazaa kis kaam ki
Ye mujhe deti nahi
A              B
Wo sukoon tere naam ki

Apne he raste...

Khuda ke raaste...

E               B
Baat kahi he ye kitni haseen
E             B
Raaste may ye dikhti nahi
E             B
Dil kahe mera rukja yahi
A              B
Pyaas meri par bujhti nahi
A              B
Pyaas meri par bujhti nahi

Khuda ke raaste...
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