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Aaradhana Teri Aaradhana (आराधना तेरी आराधना)

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
TERI AARADHANA | Ft. Jessy Robin, Robinson Shalu, Philemon Anand, Sofia Shalu | One Tribe

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Brite Abraham, Jessy Robin, Matthew Varghese
Hindi version of Malayalam Angepolen Daivame

C                         Am7
Tujhsa iss jahan mein aur koi hai nahi
F           Dm7     G        
Tujh bin aasra mera hai na kahin
C                      Am7
Rahoon teri bahon mein priyatam mere
Dm7                G       C
Tu hi mera sarvasv Yeshu mere

C      G       F      C
Aaradhana teri aaradhana
Am      G       F   G      C
Yeshu mere teri aa--ra--dhana

Arpan karta hoon khud ko hathon mein tere
Dho de mujhko tu prabhu vachanon se tere
Teri ichchha par hi tu mujhko chala
Bhar de pavitra aatma se mujhko khuda

Aaradhana teri aaradhana...

Chalta main rahoon teri rahon par sada
Banke rahbar mera tu chalna sang khuda
Tujh par hi bana rahe mera bharosa
Tu meri chattan rahoon tujhme sthir sada

Aaradhana teri aaradhana...
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