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Stuti Aradhana Upar Jati Hai (स्तुति आराधना ऊपर जाती है)

Last updated on July 10th, 2022 at 02:42 pm

STUTI ARADHNA UPER JATI HAI - स्तुति आराधना ऊपर जाती है

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Unknown

E              A
Stuti aradhana upar jati hai
F#m           E
Ashishe lekar neeche aati hai
Prabhu hamara kitna mahaan
F#m         E
Dekho hamse karta hai pyar

     B       G#m   E
Hallelu hallelui...yah
     B       G#m   E
Hallelu hallelui...yah

Vinti aur prarthana upar jati hai,
uttar lekar neeche aati hai
Prabhu hamara kitna mahan
Dekho hamse karta hai pyar

Hallelu halleluiyah
Hallelu halleluiyah

Seeyon me stuti teri baat joti hai
Dhanywad karna uski mahima hoti hai
Prabhu humara kitna mahaan
Dekho humse karta hai pyaar

Hallelu halleluiyah
Hallelu halleluiyah
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