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Aao Hum Yahowa ka Dhanyawad Karen (आओ हम यहोवा का धन्यवाद करें)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:04 pm

Aao Hum Yahova Ka Dhanyawad Kare by Kamal Adhikari (Cover) Song | Hindi Christian song | Ajit Horo
Aao hum Yahowa ka
Dhanyawad karen
Apne saare hriday se
D       A
Vandana karen
F#m               D       Bm
Uske faatakon may stuti karen
    E   E7  A
Aur lal-kaa-ren

A            E
Jisne banaya hamen
D               A
Wo hai hamara aadhar
Jisne diya hamko saath
D              A
Wo hai hamara uddhar
Uski ho jai jai
D       Bm
Ho aradhna
E                   F#m
Wo hai sabhon ka pradhan
Uski ho jai jai
D       Bm
Ho aradhna
E                   A
Wo hai sabhon ka pradhan

Aao hum Yahowa ka...

Apne poore tan man se
Ham uski mahima karen
Wo hai shifa aur nazat
Uski prashansa karen
Wo hai jag ka daata
Aur taranhaar
Uski ho jai jai sada

Aao hum Yahowa ka...
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