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Aayega Mera Masih (आएगा मेरा मसीह)

New Hindi, Urdu Song/Masihi Geet: Ayega Mera Masih TEENMAR SONG - Lyric Video

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Viju Thomas

Gm     F           Eb                F
Aayega mera Masih, badalon pe hokay savaar
Lene apne dulhan ko, jiska ussay intezar

    Gm            F
Woh avval hai aur aakhir bhi
Eb              F
Zinda Khuda hai mera
Naam hai uska Kallam-e-Khuda
Karna tum bhi intezar

Aayega mera Masih...

Gunahon say karlo tauba
Imaan uspay dharo
Alpha bhi woh omega bhi woh
Yehuda ka babbar shear 

Aayega mera Masih...

Na ansu rahenge na koi gham
Insaaf sabka kare
Huzurey mai uskay rahengay hum
Jahan khushiyan he khushiyan rahen

Aayega mera Masih...
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