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Aansoo Andekha Na Karega Woh (आंसू अनदेखा ना करेगा वो)

Aansoo Andekha Na Karega Prabhu | Persis John | Rini Binu

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Rini Binu

   G           Em     C
Aansoo andekha na karega woh
       D                 G
Teri pukar ansuni na karega woh
Tute hriday ke dard saare
      D                     G
Kahbi bhi na andekha karega prabhu
   G            Em     C
Aansoon andekha na karega woh
       D                 G
Teri pukar ansuni na karega woh

           G              C
Chinta aur bojh se dabe hue ho
        D                 G
Kabhi tera saath na chhodega
Kamzor tere dil ke dard bhi
         D                   G
Apne chhede hathon se door karega

Aansoon andekha na karega...

Woh hai bharosa teri chattan
Poora samarpan usko kare
Aagamya prem se tere dard saare
Door karne ko saksham hai woh

Aansoon andekha na karega...

Thhakith na ho ghabrana na tum
Kaise bhi pal ho darna nahi
Mrityu ki tarai se haathh pakad kar
Uthhane ko prabhu samarth hai

Aansoon andekha na karega...
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