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Na Daroonga (न डरूंगा)

Last updated on February 23rd, 2022 at 12:42 pm

न डरूंगा | Na Daroonga | Shibu Thomas | Persecution Relief | New Hindi Christian Song

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Shibu Thomas

Yeshu ko jis aatma ne
F#m             A
Mrityu pe jay diya
G              Em
Wo hi aatma mujhe
A       G     D
Phir se jilayega

D        G  A        F#m
Na daroonga na daroonga
G        A  G        D
Na daroonga na daroonga

Aatma ke marnewale se daro
Sharir ke marnewale se kya darna
Darna sirg us-se jo
Do ka karega nash

Na daroonga...

Krus ko uttha ke may
Yeshu ke peeche chalun
Dena pade apni jaan
Mudke na dekhunga

Na daroonga...
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