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Shukr Ada (शुक्र अदा)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:32 pm

Shukr Ada | Cover Lyrics //Originaly by Prince Mulla | Hindi Christian Song | SoundRig Studios

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Prince Mulla

D      Bm  A      G
Shukr ada  shukr ada
  Em       A       D
Karun main kaise bata

  D        A          Bm
Gunaaho me naiyaa thi doobi
   G         A       D
Tu rehbar ki awaaz bana
   D         A         Bm
Jo ubhara hai majdhaar mein se
   G       A        D
Tu udne ko par de gaya

D         G         A    D
Meherbaan meherbaaniyaan hain
        G      A     D
Do alum tera nishaan hain
          G         A    D
Meherbaan meherbaaniyaan hain
        G     A    D
Inaayat ka pasbaan hain

Shukr ada...

Jo khud pe zulmn humnein dhaye
To isa masih ban aaye
Darinde si seerat humari
Vo masoom kurbaan hue

Meherbaan meherbaaniyaan...

Shukr ada...

G          D     G         A
Har jahaan dekhu tu hi dikhta hai
D       G    D      A
Har pal tera zikr karun

Shukr ada...
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