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Yeshu Tu Hai Pyaar (येशु तू है प्यार)

YESHU TU HAI PYAAR | येशु तू है प्यार | Hindi Christian Song

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Jiji M John

        Am   D
Ye waqt he aisa
Am               F
  Dil may toofan hay
Dm              Am
  Ankhen hairan hay

        Am   D
Ye raat he aisi
Am                  F
  Kuch bhi dikhta nahi
Dm                 Am
  Hoon may khoya kahin

C          Am       F         G  C
  Woh meri bahon ko thhame chale
          Am            F  G    C
Jaise bhi ho uljhan woh saath rahe
        C        E7
Ye pyar hay aisa pyar
     F          C
Jise dhoonde tu kab se
         C         E7
He jal rahi ye roshni
     F            C
Bana ye sansar jabse

  C  E7 F       C
Yeshu.... tu he pyar (4)

Wo saath he tere
Tujhko dikhta nahi
Tune dhoonda nahi

He soch may tu uski
Jab tu aaya nahi
Jab tu jaaga nahi

Apne aham ko tu chhod zara
Ghutano may aake tu dekh zara

Ye pyar hay aisa pyar
Jise dhoonde tu kab se
He jal rahi ye roshni
Bana ye sansar jabse

Yeshu... tu he pyar (4)
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