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Ho Jai Jaikaar (हो जय जयकार)
Ho Jai Jaikar Kare Song With Lyrics

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

Em        G           D      Em
Ho jai jaikaar jai jaikaar karen

Em        D     Em
Woh hai hamaara raaja
        D        Em
Dukh sankat se bachaata
Ham par apani karuna karta
G      Am    Em
Aur karta upakaar
Kyon na us par tan man haare
D            Em
De apana adhikaar

Ho jai jaikaar jai jaikaar karen

Us par jisaka bharosa
Woh to kabhi na darega
Chaahe bimaari chaahe gareebee
Chaahe ho aakaal
Sab sankat se sab kashtonse
Le jaayega paar

Ho jai jaikaar jai jaikaar karen

Swarg hai usaka sinhaasan
Prithvi bani hai aasan
Aakaash usaki mahima bataye
Hastakala ko dikhaye
Saari prithvi usaki rachana
Usaka hai prataap

Ho jai jaikaar jai jaikaar karen
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