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Teri Huzoori Mai Hum (तेरी हुज़ूरी में हम)

Teri Huzoori ( Official Music Video ) | Masihi Sangathi Production | Hindi Christian Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown
Hindi version of Malayalam Nin Thiru Sannidhiyil (നിൻ തിരു സന്നിധിയിൽ)

F                Bb
Teri hazoori mai hum
Dm                  C
Ghutne thikaate hai aaj
F        Bb       Gm     Bb
Meri khoobi nahi, tera fazal kewal
Dm        C        F
Tere pass aate hai hum

Yeshu Raja ki ho stuti
Raja ki ho mahima
F                C7
Ooncha Rahe tera naam  
Aasman zamee jhukti
Karte tera sajda
F       C7      F
Oonch raha Tera naam

Mere gunaho ka bhoj
Tere Fazal se hue door
Mujh papi ke saare, paap kshama karke
Beta mujhe banaya

Yeshu Raja ki ho stuti, raja ki ho mahima
Ooncha rahe Tera Naam
Aasman zamee jhukti, Karte tera sajda
Oonch rahe Tera naam
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