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Srishti Karta Yeshu Mere (सृष्टि करता येशू मेरे)


Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jomon Philip Kadampanad, Zion Worship Team
Hindi version of Srishtavam Daivame En Yeshuve (സൃഷ്ടാവാം ദൈവമെ എൻ യേശുവേ)

A                 D
  Srishti karta Yeshu mere
A                   D
  Yugon ke prabhu Yeshu mere
Bm          F#m
  Uncha hai tera naam
Bm           F#m
  Stuti pe viraajmaan
Bm          F#m
  Changa karne vala
Bm      F#m
  Rajao ka raja
F#m                   Esus  E
  Aata hu tere charno mein

    A        F#m
Pavitra Parmeshwar
     D         E
Teri aradana karu
     A        F#m
Samarthi parmeshwar
     D         E  A
Teri vandana karu

A         D         Bm        A
  Mera tu dridhgadh    sharansthaan
F#m       D     Bm         A
  Mera tu aasra    meri chattaan
  F#m              E
Aadar ke yogya hai tu
   F#m             E
Stuti ke yogya hai tu
G       D            Esus  E
Teri hi mahima mai karu

Pavitra Parmeshwar...

Tere hi raaho par mujhe chala
Tere hi margo ko mujhe dikha
Ghor andhera ho aur tarayi bhi ho
Tu mere sang hai sada

Pavitra Parmeshwar...
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