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Hum To Jalte Deep Hain (हमतो जलते दीप हैं)
हमतो जलते दीप हैं Hamto jalte deep hain (Lyrics)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

C#m                    B        E     C#m
Hum to jalte deep hain Yeshu ki jyoti ke
                 B                   C#m
Jab tak hum hain is jahan mein jalte jana hain
                      B     E    C#m
Andhiyare ḍagar pe ho aandhiya kaheen
             B                  C#m
Har ḍagar pe jyoti Yeshu ki phailana hain
Hum to jalte deep hain

B                    E     A    C#m
Jalna zindagi hamari Yeshu ke liye
B                       E    B     C#m
Jisne daag har gunah ke mere dho diye
B                    C#m        G#   C#m
Jisne suli par jalai jyoti mere prem ki
E           B                 C#m
Vo hi jyoti aaj mere dil mein jal rahi

Koi bhaṭakata ho ḍagar pe bepanah sa
Aaj suli ke tale use bhulana hai
Hum to jalte deep hai

Jal rahi thhi zindagi yahan gunah mein
Yeshu ne hamko le liya apni panah mein
De raha aawaz sabko aao mere paas
Paas rakhunga hamesha hote kyon nirash

Jisne paya hai hamen dekar apani jaan
Us maseeh ki jyoti har kahin phailana hai
Hum to jalte deep hain
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