Aaj Ka Din

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Aaj ka din
    F            C
Yahowa ne banaya hai
G   Dm G         Em
Hum usme anandit ho
G       C
Anandit ho

C                  Am
Prabhu ko mahima mile
F               C
Chahe ho mera apman
Wo badhe mei ghatu
F             C
Rahe isi ka dhyan

Aaj ka din...

Stuti prashnsa kare
Kyon na kuchh hota rahe
Usko hum bhate rahe
Chahe jaha bhi rahe

Aaj ka din...

Aata hoon tere paas
Mujhko hai tujhse aas
Mujhko kabool kar le
Papo se shudhh kar de

Aaj ka din...
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