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Jaise Main Musa Ke Sath Sath Thha (जैसे मैं मूसा के साथ साथ था)

Jese Mai Musa Ke Saath Saath Tha || Agape Sisters || 2020 (Official Video)

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Ps Karamat Hayat

C          Am                   G
Jaise main    musa ke sath sath thha
         Em          F         C
Vaise hi    tere bhi sath rahunga
    F      C
Dasfdar na hunga main tujhase
G                    Em    C
  Aur tujhe na kabhi chodunga

Am             Em
Joshua uth log sath le ja
G             F      C
Mulk kanaan unko pahucha
        F         C
Jahan tikega tere panvo ka talva
G                     Em     C
  Wo jagah main tujhe de doonga

Jaise main musa ke sath...

Hausla rakh, majboot ho ja
Be-dil na ho, khauf na kha
Zindgi bhar koi shakhs tere samne
Der khada na kabhi reh sakega

Jaise main musa ke sath...

Mere kalam se na dayen mudana
Mere kalam se na bayen mudana
Mod jaen muh chahe log ye saare
Main tujhase na muh modoonga

Jaise main musa ke sath...
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