Gin Gin Ke Stuthi Karoon (गिन गिन के स्तुति करूँ)

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GIN GIN KE (Cover Song) | Enni Enni Stuthikkuvan | Mark Tribhuvan | feat. Naveen Kumar

Lyrics/Music: J V Peter, Wilson George

A                E
Aandhiyan ban ke aaye
Bm          A
Zindagi ke fikar
     D               E
Kaun hay tera rachanewala
    D       E
Hay bharosa
Tera kidhar

    A               C#
Gin gin ke stuthi karoon
     D                   E
Beshumar tere danon ke liye
   F#m                 D
Ab tak usne sambhala mujhe
     Bm        E
Apni bahon may
Liye huay

Tere shatru ka nishana
Tujh par hoga na safal
Aankho ke putli jaise
Woh rakhega tujhe har pal

Gin gin ke stuthi karoon...

Aaye tujhe jo mitaane
Ve shastra honge be-asar
Tera rakhnewala tujhpar
Rakhta he apni nazar

Gin gin ke stuthi karoon...

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