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Yeshu Mere Swami Mere

C       G     Am G
Yeshu mere swami mere
      F   C      G
Nahin koi tere samaan
C     G       Am  G
Yeshu mere jeevan mere
       F      C       G
Prabhu tu hai sabse mahaan

  C         F
Aaradhana aaradhana
  Dm        G
Aaradhana aaradhana
  C         F
Aaradhana aaradhana
  Dm         G
Hallelujah hallelujah

Dukh aur dard se 
Tha main behaal
F           G  
Shanti dene tu ayaa paas
Meri lachaari mein 
Bal diya tu ne
Am      G       F      C
Mitra nahin koi tere samaan

Aaradhana aaradhana...

Main bethikana bhatakta raha
Aasara dene tu aaya pass
Seene se lagaa ke aansoon mitaaye
Premi nahin koi tere samaan

Aaradhana aaradhana...

Vaidyon ne chhodi jab saari aas
Changaai dene tu aaya pass
Kodon ke ghaavon se
changa huwa main

Aaradhana aaradhana...

Vaidya ne chodi jab saari aas
Changai dene tu aaya paas
Kodo ke ghav se changa hua main
vaidya nahi koi tere saman

Aaradhana aaradhana...
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