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Tu Hi Tu (तू ही तू)

TU HI TU (Official Video) // Blessy Simon ft. Merlyn Salvadi, Noble Emmanuel

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Blessy Simon

      F             Bb
Har sawaal ka jawab tu
    C             F
Har dard ka ilaaj tu
     Dm             Bb
Har ummeed ka aasha tu
     C             F 
Andhero mein ujala tu

      F         Bb
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu
C           F
Yeshu tu hi tu
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu
     C              F
Mera sab kuch tu hi tu

Har samay har gadi
Saath na chode woh kabhi 
Baat choti ho ya badi
Dhega Yeshu tujhe aazadi

Tu hi tu...

       F       Bb      C           F
Kuch nahi chahiye sirf Yeshu kaafi hai
       F       Bb       C           F
Kuch nahi chahiye mujhe Yeshu kaafi hai

Tu hi tu...
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