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Pavitra Mujhe Bana De Prabhu (पवित्र मुझे बना दे प्रभु)

Pavitra Mujhe Bana De Prabhu | पवित्र मुझे बना दे प्रभु | Hindi Christian Song | Filadelfia Music

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Paul Thomas Mathews

Dm              Gm
Pavitra mujhe bana de prabhu
Dm           Gm
Shuddh mujhe kar de prabhu
      Bb   C         Dm
Taaki tere   jaisa dikhoon

Dm              C
Shareer kee abhilaashaon par
Am                  Bb     Dm
Shaitaan kee saaree taakat par
Vijay main paoon, jay main paoon
      Bb   C         Dm
Taaki tere   jaisa dikhoon

Tera vachan mere dil mein rakhoon
Pyaar main tujhase hee karoon  
Praarthana mein bal main paoon   
Taaki tere jaisa dikhoon

Tera haath sada mujh par rahe
Teree aguvaee mein nit main chaloon
Sangati mein teree, pavitra aatma main badhoon 
Taaki tere jaisa dikhoon
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