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Chale Masih Ke Saath Hum

Chale Masih ke saath Ham
Chale Masih ke saath hum
Rahe Masih ke saath hum
                  A   D
Uthaake krus apna hum
chale salibe raah par

Raahen kathin salib hei
Har pag par yaatnaaye hei
                    A     D
Magar Masih hamaare saang
Wo santwana de oor de bal

Masihi jeevan dorrh hei
Masih hamaari manzil hei
Baahon me lega priya Masih
Wo dega dhiraj orr shakti

Oh raahi tu na himmat haar
Jaana tujhe hei, baadal paar
Ho aandhi orr ya ho tuphaan
Maajhi Masih le jaaye paar

Hamaara ghar yahaan nahi
Ham to yahaan hei ajnabi
Jaayenge ham jahaan Masih
Jahaan na dukh na gam kabhi
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