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Ab Mai Darr Ka Ghulam Nahi (अब मैं डर का गुलाम नही)

No longer slaves | Hindi Cover | Feat. Jatin Barse | Oshin Kezia Ray

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jonathan Helser, Joel Case, Brian Johnson, Swapnil Vinod Ray, Oshin Kezia Ray
Hindi version of No Longer Slaves

Tune di mujhe ek dhun nayi
    D        E         A
Aur ghera ek naye geet se
Chhutkare ka mere shatru se
        D        E       A
Jab tak dar na nikle dil se

       D          E     A
Ab mai darr ka ghulam nahi
   F#m      E       A
khuda ki santaan hu mai

       A             C#m
Maa ke garbh se tune chuna mujhe
  D      E        A
Pukara mujhe prem ne
     A            C#m
Naye janm se tera vansh bana
     D    E         A
Bahe tera rakt rago me

Ab mai darr ka ghulam nahi
khuda ki santaan hu mai

F#m  E  A     D 
Oh - oh oh oh oh
F#m  E  A     D 
Oh - oh oh oh oh

F#m       E
  Sagar dobhaga taki
A             D
Mujhko raah mile
F#m            E            A
  Tere pyar me bhay mere doobe
F#m       E           A    C#m
  Tune bachaya ab mai gaaunga
   D        E       A
khuda ki santaan hu mai

   D        E       A
khuda ki santaan hu mai...
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