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Saath Hai (साथ है)

Hindi Christian Song | Saath Hai | New Life City Worship - India

Songwriter/Translator/Composer New Life City Worship

Pani par mai chalun
Agar tu mere saath hai
Toofan se mai ladun
Agar tu mere saath hai

  Ab mai naa darun
  Aur naa peeche hatun
  Teri aatma se bhar
Mai dauda chalun

Naa to bal se
Naa shakti se prabhu
     A           E
Teri aatma se hi
    F#        B     
Mai jaiwant banu

B          G#m
  Ab jeena hai masih
   B           E
Ab marna hai nafa
B              G#m
  Tere naam se zindagi
   B               G#m  E
Tu hi hai zinda khuda

Ab mai naa darun...
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