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Siyon Desh Hamaara Hai Desh (सियोन देश हमारा है देश)
Siyon Desh Hamara Desh | Cathedral Church of the Redemption, Delhi

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Pastor Wilson George

Siyon desh hamaara hai desh
Rahte hain ham pardes
Gb       Ab7       Db
Jaayenge ham apane desh
Hallelujah hallelujah
Ebm    Ab7      Db 
Hallelujah hallelujah

Db               Ab7
Man na lagaaye yahaan
Ab                 Db
Jaana hai hamako vahaan 
  Gb                Ab  Db
Yahaan ke sukhon ka ant hoga
            Ab      Ab7    Db
Vahaan ke sukhon ka ant na hoga
Siyon desh...

Dukh jo hamaare yahaan
Na honge phir vahaan
Sare dukhon ka ant hoga
Dukh ke ye aansoo yeshu pochhega
Siyon desh...

Aayega yeeshu yahaan
Le jaayega hamako vahaan
Vaada yeeshu ka poora hoga
Anant jeevan hamako milega
Siyon desh...
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