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Kya Din Khushi Ka Aaya (क्या दिन खुशी का आया )
Hindi Christmas Song I Kya Din Khushi Ka Aaya I Sekel Jeet I Cover I 4k

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

Kya din khushi ka aaya
Rahamat ka baadal chhaaya
Duniya ka munjee aaya
Aa ha ha haalleluyaah

Ek doot mariyam paas aaya
Bola janmegee too beta
Naam uska Yeeshu rakhana
   D           G
Aa ha ha haallelooyaah

Kya din khushi ka...

Poorab se nikala taara
Jisane kiya ishaara
Raaston ka bana sahaara
Aa ha ha haallelooyaah

Kya din khushi ka...

Vo aaya prem badhaan
Dukhon ko door bhaagane
Paapon se mukti dilaan
Aa ha ha haallelooyaah

Kya din khushi ka...
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