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Our Father

Don Moen - Our Father | Live Worship Sessions

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Don Moen

D                       G    D
Hear our prayer, we are Your children and 
        G        A    Bm
We've gathered here today
        G        A     D
We've gathered here to pray

         D            G         D
Hear our cry, Lord we need Your mercy
       G         A     Bm
And we need Your grace today
G       A     D
Hear us as we pray

    A Bm   G
Our Father who art in heaven
D        A      D
Hallowed be Thy name
    A Bm   G
Our Father hear us from heaven
D           A       D
Forgive our sins we pray

Hear our song, as it rises to heaven
May Your glory fill the air
As the waters cover the sea
See our heart, and remove anything
That is standing in the way
Of coming to You today

D                 A
And though we are few
           Bm         G
We're surrounded by many
         D            A       D
Who have crossed that river before
             A             Bm          G
And this the song we'll be singing for ever
D    A      Bm
Holy is The Lord
G    A      D
Holy is The Lord
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