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Better Than Life (Psalm 63)

Better Than Life (Psalm 63) - Untiring Love | APC Music

Songwriter/Composer/Translator APC Music
Hindi version: Jeevan Se Badkar

  Bm               F#m        G
O God, we long and thirst for You
In a dry and dusty land
       F#m     G
You're our refuge
  Bm             F#m      G 
O God, we hunger for Your truth
When strength fails
               F#m    G
our soul cries out to You

D          G       A                   D
  For Your love is so much better than life
   G         A                  D
In You Lord, our needs are satisfied
       G             A
So our lips begin to praise
      F#m                Bm
As we lift our hands and pray
     G       A                   Bm
Your love is so much better than life

   Bm                   F#m      G
In worship, we see Your glorious face
We're standing here
           F#m   G
speechless and  amazed
       Em   A    D
And forever Lord
        Em         A
we will bless Your name
      Em      A
Cast away our fears
      G                 A
Saved by Your matchless grace

For Your love is so much better...

  G               D
O God, You are my God
Nothing compares
To Your steadfast love
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