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Unwavering Matt Maher

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Matt Maher

Blessed are the poor
       G             D
The kingdom is theirs
Alive in the promise
To be dead to the world
Blessed are the meek
     G               D
In honor of your Father
     G             D         A
The Word at your right hand
The Spirit of truth
  D       G            D
Unwavering is your voice
          A            D
Unwavering is your hand
          Bm  A     D         Bm           A
Unwavering is the heart that bled for the sins of men
          G            D
Unwavering is your will
          A            Bm
Unwavering is your plan
    D          A                        D
The fount of salvation on which we will stand
Blessed are the righteous
    G         D
On bended knee
Found in this freedom
Committed to you
Blessed are those who see
       G         D
The heights of glory
 G            D    A
Found in the valley
And suffering for you
               G        Bm        A
Send us out to be your hands and feet
               G        Bm        A
Send us out to be your hands and feet
               G        Bm        A     Bm
Send us out to be your hands and feet
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