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When It’s All Been Said And Done

When It's All Been Said and Done

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Don Moen

          F        C        G
When it's all been said and done
         F        C          Am Em
There is just one thing that ma-tters
      F     C       Em       Am
Did I do my best to live for truth
      F       G        C
Did I live my life for You

          F        C        G
When it's all been said and done
          F       C        Am Em
All my treasures will mean no-thing
     F         C        Em     Am
Only what I've done for love's reward
     F         G       C
Will stand the test of time

          F     C     G
Lord Your mercy is so great
         F      C        Am   Em
That You look beyond our weak-ness
         F      C       Em   Am
And find purest gold in miry clay
        F       G    C
Turning sinners into saints

       F      C         G
I will always sing Your praise
         F         C   Am Em
Here on earth and ever af-ter
           F        C        Em      Am
For You've shown me Heaven's my true home
          F        G        C
When it's all been said and done
          F         G       C
You're my life when life is gone
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