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Ancient of Days

Last updated on September 20th, 2020 at 02:51 pm

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Sadler Gary Edward, Harvill James K

Blessing and honor, glory and power
Em              D          G
Be unto the Ancient of Days,
From every nation, all of creation
Em             D          G
Bow before the Ancient of Days.

C               Am         D
Ev'ry tongue in heaven and earth
Shall declare You glory
  C                Am        D
Ev'ry knee shall bow at Your throne
   G   D
In worship
  C            Am      D
You will be exalted, O God,
G          C           Am        D
And Your kingdom shall not pass away
O Ancient of Days!

Your kingdom shall reign over all the earth,
F           C          G
Sing to the Ancient of Days.
For none can compare to Your matchless worth,
F           C          G
Sing to the Ancient of Days.
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