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Ebinesarae (Tamil)

Ebenesarae | John Jebaraj | Tamil Christian song #johnjebaraj #tamilchristiansongs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Rev John Jebaraj

Dm        C          Bb        C
Naanum en veedaum en veettaar anaivarum
Am                 Dm
Ooyaamal nandri solvom
    Gm       C          F
Oru karupola kaatheerae nandri
      Gm           C            F
Ennai sidhaiyaamal sumandheerae nandri

Dm          Bb
Ebinesarae ebinesarae
C            Am        Dm
Innaal varai sumandhavarae
Ebinesarae ebinesarae
C            Am      Dm
En ninaivaay iruppavarae
Bb     C      Dm
Nandri nandri nandri
Bb         C            Dm
Idhayathil sumandheerae nandri
Bb     C      Dm
Nandri nandri nandri
Bb       C            Dm
Karupola sumandheerae nandri

Ondrumae illaamal thuvangina en vaazhvu
Nanmaiyaal niraindhulladhae
Oru theemaiyum ninaikkaadha nalla
Oru thagappan ummai pola illa


Andrandraikkaana en thaevaigal yaavaiyum
Um karam nalgiyadhae
Neer nadathidum vidhangalai solla
(Oru) poorana vaarthaiyae illa


Nyaanigal mathiyil paithiyam ennaiyum
Azhaithadhu adhisayamae
Naan idharkkaana paathiran alla
Idhu kirubaiyae vaerondrum illa

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