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Prayer Request

This is the prayer request page. Once a prayer request is approved it gets listed below in the prayer requests list. Anybody is free to pray for any or all of these requests. “Why pray for a total stranger?” one might ask. But, as a Christian, should not you believe in the power of prayer? Have faith that someone, somewhere is delivered because of your prayer.

In prayer requests, if possible, please mention the name of the person for whom prayer is required.


Please take a moment to pray for these prayer requests. God bless you.


  • I have been jobless for a few months. Kindly pray that I find a suitable job. Also, it has been more than months that a proposal by the name of Mahesh. Please pray that we both like each other and will soon get married and grow in the Christian faith before July.
    Please pray for Suresh for health and promotion.
    Please pray for Jipsy for health and happiness.
    Please pray for Valsa for financial blessing.
  • As the summer heat intensifies, please pray for all people who have to work in the open.
  • I praying for a digital camera, musical keyboard and laptop for my theological studies and ministry. Pray for this matter. May GOD bless all. Amen