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Nandriyal Ummai Thuthipen (Tamil)

Nandriyal Ummai Thuthipan

Songwriter/Translator/Composer P G Abraham Padinjarethalackal
Tamil version of Malayalam Nanniyode Njan Stuthi Paadidum

      D               F#m
Nandriyal Ummai thuthipen endrum
       G         D
Enthan Yesu Nadhare
Emakkaga Neer seitha nanmaikke
      G      A      D
Indru nandri koorugiren

        Bm            F#m
Thaguthiyilla nanmaigalum
           G         D
Emakku thantha Sagayare
   G             D
Ketkatha nanmaigalum emakku
    Em   A        D
Thantha Umakku thuthi

Nandriyal Ummai...

Unmai Naathanin ore Magan
Ummai visuvasikindren
Varum kalamellam Um kirubai
Varangal emmil ootruveer

Nandriyal Ummai...
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