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Yehovah Yireh Thandhaiyam Daivam (Tamil)

Yehovah Yireh (Ft. Catherine Ebenesar, Keba Jeremiah) | Stephen Jebakumar

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Samuel Varghese

        C                 Cmaj7
Yehovah Yireh Thandhaiyam Daivam
     F                 G
Neer Mathram Podhum Enakku
        C                  Cmaj7
Yehovah Rapha Sugam Tharum Dheivam
   F                   G
Um Thazhumbugalaai Sugamae
        Am                 Em
Yehovah Shamma En Kooda Irupeer
   C       G          C
En Thevaiyellam Santhippeer

     F         Dm
Neer Mathram Podhum
     G         C
Neer Mathram Podhum
     F         G       C
Neer Mathram Podhum enakku

Yehovah Yelohim Sirushtippin Devanae
Um Vaarthaiyaal Uruvakkineer
Yehovah Parisuthar Unnathar Neerae
Ummai Pol Veru Dhevanillai
Yehovah Shalom Um Samadhanam
Thantheer En Ullaththnil

Neer Mathram Podhum...

Yesuvae Neerae En Aathma Nesar
En Mael Evvalavanbu Koorntheer
Ennaiyee Meetka Thannaiyae Thantheer
Um Anbuirkku Inaiyillaiyae
En Vazhnaal Muzhuthum Umakkaga Vazhvaen
Neerae Endrendrum Podhum

Neer Mathram Podhum...
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