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Ise Esi O Pandodynamos Theos (Greek)

Photo by Joe Raedle
You're the Almighty God | ®Nikos & Pelagia Politis | First Recording | ™SNP(© Copyright)
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Songwriter/Translator/Composer Nikos Politis
This is a Greek song. Title in English: You are the Almighty God

Em  C  Am  Em

Em                C    Bm
Doxa Ston Ipsisto Agio Theo
Em                  C     Bm
Afton Pu Eftiaxe Yi Ki Urano
Em    C     D   C   B
Agios Agios Ise Kirios

Doxa Ston Kirio Ton Iisou Hristo
Doxa Kai Sto Pnevma To Agio
Oli E Doxa Su Aneke

Em   C         Am      Em
Ise Esi o Pandodynamos Theos

Em    C     Am  Em      D      Bm
Agios Agi...os  Pando...dy...namos
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