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Varunnu Nadha Ange Kaanuvan (വരുന്നു നാഥാ അങ്ങേ കാണുവാൻ)
Varunnu Nadha.. | Rajaneesh | Lijo Wilson | Original Song by Hope in Jesus Ministries

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Joe Ashok Jakim

        Ebm        Abm 
Varunnu nadha ange kaanuvan
        Db               Bb
Varunnu priyane shabdam kelkuvan
        Ebm            Abm 
Ithilum aazhamayi ange snehipan
        Db             Bb
Ithilum aazhamayi ange sevipan

  Maruroopa malayil   
Abm         Ebm
  Marayilla mahathwam
Thejasum shobhayum
Abm         Ebm
  Mahimayum kandu njan

Varunnu nadha ange kaanuvan...

Parayin pilarpil
Mahimayil nizhal kandu
Horebin kunnathil
Yheeyila shabdam kettu

Varunnu nadha ange kaanuvan...

Ange onnu kaanuvan
Aa shabdam kelkuvan
Ange maathram snehipan
Ange maathram sevipan

Varunnu nadha ange kaanuvan...
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