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Songs of Praise – Guitar Chords


Songs of Praise endeavours to make singing to the Lord a joyful experience by providing accurate chords to church worship team guitarists/keyboard players. The chords can be easily transposed at the touch of a button, which is helpful to musicians who may have to change scales at the drop of a hat.

There is option to bookmark songs and thus making a personal “playlist” for your worship service. You have to register and log in to be able to bookmark songs. This service is absolutely free.

This site is fully mobile enabled. That is, it has a responsive layout and and the content is automatically adapted to the screen size. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

The site was earlier known as Psalm 96:1.

All music and lyrics belong to original owners and are posted here only for personal worship and educational use.

Song of the Week

Enthu Kandu Ithra Snehippaan (എന്ത് കണ്ടു ഇത്രേ സ്നേഹിപ്പാൻ)

Song of the Week