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Ponolivin Poomuttupol (പോന്നോലിവിന്‍ പൂമോട്ടുപോൽ)
നിരവധി ഒന്നാം സ്ഥാനം നേടിക്കഴിഞ്ഞ ഈ വർഷത്തെ കരോൾ മത്സരഗാനം | Ponnolivin Poomottupol | Joji Johns

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Sheeja Fernandez, Joji Johns

C                     F          Dm
Ponolivin poomuttupol innu bethlehemil
G        Em      C
Manjil pirannoru kunju
               F        G
Malakhamarokke padi sthuthicheti
F                  C
Poombatta paruna pole

C     E        Am         C
Ullasicharkuka hrithadave
     F     G         C
Loka rajan piranethi ninnil
                 F        G
Gloria geethikal ninullil uyarate
C      G        C
Rajane varavelkanai
Am     G
Gloria gloria
F                  C
Gloria in excelsis deo

C                   F
Pulkudilin pulmetha melinnu ponunni
G               C
Mannil piranoru sudinam
     Dm   G    C
Aa.. aa.. aa.. aa..
        F       G
Aatiyorokke odi kuthichethi
       C     Dm
Unniye kandu vanangi
     C      G     C
Avar unniye kandu vannangi

Ullasicharkuka hrithadave...

Mannavanmar thedi nadanavare marubhoomil
Ponnum sugandhamayi
Rajakanmaravar odivil theerathethi
Pulkoottil daivathe kandu
Avar pulkoottil daivathe kandu

Ullasicharkuka hrithadave...
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