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Mohabbat Hai Yeshu Se

Em               Am
Har pal yeshu ke sang me
D            G
Har roz uske sahare(x2)

C                D
Juda may ho nahi sakti
Bm                Em
Tujhse mere yeshu pyare(x2)

Em           D
Mohabbat hai, mohabbet hai
Am       C         B
Mohabbat hai yeshu se(x2)

Em            Am
Tujhse door hokar
Am           D
Tujhko bhool kar
G          Bm           Em
Kuch bhi nahi may kar sakoon

Tujhko chhod kar
Kya paa sakoon
Aisa kuch nahi dharti par

Tujhse door hokar...

Tujhko chhod kar...

Tu hi mujhe
Trupth karta hai
Jeevan ki roti tu hi hai

Pyaas bhuchaye jo
Jeevan ka jharna tu
Pyasi hoon may teri ae yeshu

Tu hi mujhe...

Pyaas bhuchaye jo...
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पवित्र बाइबिल - Hindi Bible

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